Sleeps 1 - 3 people

These homes and cabins provide sleeping for 1-3 people. Please refer to the individual page for amenity description.

Sleeps 4 - 6 people

These homes and cabins sleep between 4 - 6 people. Please refer to the individual page for amenity descriptions.

Sleeps 7 - 8 people

These homes sleep between 7 - 8 people. Please refer to the individual page for description.

Sleeps 9 - 12

Larger homes perfect for your family vacations. These larger homes offer multiple bedrooms, several bathrooms, and plenty of parking and outside area for your familys enjoyment.

Sleeps 13+

These are the perfect homes for your larger families and gatherings while you vacation at Wallowa Lake!

Lake Front homes

These homes are on Wallowa Lake. They offer private Wallowa Lake access and private boat docks. They offer stunning views of Wallowa Lake and the east morraine. These homes are located on the more quiet side of Wallowa Lake and are about a 20 minute drive to Wallowa Lakes seasonal activities.

Cabins w/ neat Tubs

These gorgeous vacation cabins and homes have hot tubs, soaking tubs, clawfoot tubs, or jacuzzi tubs. Please refer to the property individual pages for information on these fully equipped cabins and homes.

Homes with a Sauna or Hot Tub

These private homes offer access to your own private sauna during your stay. Adults only please!

Non Pet friendly

Homes and cabins that are not pet friendly for our Guests. However, this does not mean that there have not been pets in the house when the Owners of the homes visit. Please ask us if you have questions.

Pet friendly

These homes are pet friendly. Limit 2 pets max per house. Please refer to our pet policy which will detail out what is expected of you when you bring your 4 legged companion.

Cabins & homes w/limited internet

These homes offer FREE internet during your stay. Please note that WiFi in a rural area is often slower than what you may experience at home. We see this as a great opportunity to unplug more and relax!

Cabins w/ Fireplaces/Woodstoves

These cabins have either a fireplace (gas or wood), woodstove, or an open fireplace (gas or wood). Please refer to their individual pages for more information on the amenity.

Lake View places

Homes that have a view of Wallowa Lake. Please refer to the pictures and descriptions on each cabins pages so you know what your view will consist of!

River Front cabins

These homes are located at the resort side of Wallowa Lake within easy walking distance to the activities. These homes have private Wallowa River Frontage for your enjoyment.

Joseph Oregon lodging

These homes are within a 4 block walk to all that Joseph, Oregon, has to offer to you! These homes are less than 2 miles from the North end boat launch as well as the picnic area, swimming area, and Chief Joseph Monument.

Cabins w/King beds

These homes have atleast 1 king sized bed. Please refer to the individual cabin pages for exact sleeping descriptions.

Resort Side cabins

These properties are within a quick walk to all of the activities at Wallowa Lakes resort side. Be within walking distance to the Wallowa Lake Marina and boat launch, Wallowa Lake Tramway, or the Scenic Meadows Put Put Golf, the Matterhorn gift shop and miniature golf, Valis Restaurant, Russells Restaurant, dining at the Wallowa Lake Lodge and many other shops at the resort (busier) side of Wallowa Lake. This is also the area that the Aneriod Trailhead takes off from.

Studio - 1+ Bedrooms

Homes and cabins with a studio or 1+ bedroom sleeping arrangements. This includes lofts, sleeping that isnt private basically any sleeping area that is wide open and doesnt have a curtain or door to close for privacy.

2 - 2+ Bedrooms

Homes and cabins that are 2 - 2+ bedrooms. These are places that have private sleeping areas (2) or an open sleeping area (+). This might also include curtains pulled for privacy.

3 - 3+ Bedrooms

Homes and cabins that offer 3 bedrooms (3) and/or open sleeping (+). These homes have private bedrooms which may have a door to close or a curtain for privacy. Open sleeping offers no privacy.

4 - 4+ Bedrooms

These homes offer 4 private sleeping areas (4). The additional sleeping area is not private (+). These homes may have a curtain to pull for added privacy, but the + area is considered open sleeping areas.

Homes with AC

Homes with AC. Please refer to the individual home pages for an exact description.

Prices & seasons

Prices vary by seasons. We operate on 4 basic seasons: Peak season, mid season, off season and holidays. Peak season is July 1 thru September 10. Mid season is May 1 thru June 30 and Sept 11 thru October 31. Off season are all the other months not included above. Holidays are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. For an exact quote on pricing, and what season you might be visiting us on, please choose your dates, choose your cabin, and then it will provide you with a quote.

View All properties

Choosing this option will showcase all of our properties. Use the "advanced search" options, the "compare" options, or "check availability" to help narrow the available properties. If you just want to see what is available for those amenities, do NOT put in your dates and see what comes up!

Winter cabins

Homes, cottages and cabins available during our winter season months.

SUP/Kayak Rentals (Seasonal)

Subject to availability and season, SUP and Kayak rentals available!