Not just anyone can appreciate a mule

We are horse people.  Always have been, always will be.  Horse people are a different breed, and I always believed that we were a little hard headed, until I had my first discussion with my father about "long ears vs. no brains."  Headed discussion shortly followed. You see, not everyone appreciates a mule.

Long ears vs. no brains

Sarah and Maddie the MuleThe beauty of a Mule is in the eye of a beholder.  Dad loved Ug for not only being a sure footed mount, but something in his carriage provided my Father the ability to sit in a saddle, day in and day out, traveling more miles that you can count, and rarely being sore.  I actually went with him once on a shorter trip, maybe 12 miles round trip, and my body hurt so bad that I chose to walk the last few miles to the truck and trailer.  The whole rest of my walk, my Dad kept offering me the use of Ug, but he also told me that his Long Ears had heard my total distaste for his mule’s appearance, and he hoped that Ug didn’t hold it against me once I got on his back.  Needless to say, I continued my walk.

The love of a mule brings about a grand celebration in Enterprise

My father isn’t the only one that loves his mule.  In fact, their whole pasture is now converted to all mules except our gelding Dudley that my Mom uses sometimes.  She has yet to be converted.  Stay strong Mom!  
Don’t tell Dad, but I do agree with his ramblings about how a mule is tougher than a horse, smarter than a horse, isn’t afraid to speak it's mind (so to speak) when you ask him/her to do something that it knows is a bad idea and will balk if you ask it to be foolish enough to put it's life in danger.  Ok, I will say it, a mule is smart!  And, I will also admit, that my love for a mule has grown.  In fact, we even owned one for a short time.  She was always sassy, let it be known that she was the ruler of you, and that she was just allowing you to be in her presence.  Maddie the Mule cemented my love for a goofy ole long eared mule.
A few years ago, my Dad owned this mule named Ab.  We called him Abnerd, because, well, he was kind of a nerd.  He would bray like a fool if you took his mare away and he didn’t want tied to a trailer while you went off and left him behind.  He had a bouncy trot, and you could just sense that he would crack a joke in his own little way, sooner than later.  My daughter decided it might be fun to show ole goofball Abnerd, so they entered a well known equine event called Hells Canyon Mule Days hosted by the town of Enterprise. 

hells canyon mule days dutch oven cookoffMule Days becomes a hot destination spot in Enterprise in September

Mule Days has grown into a hot destination spot for the lovers of long ears in September in Enterprise.   The weekend is packed full of entertaining and action packed events and is equally enjoyed by spectators and mule skinners alike.  This family friendly mule show offers events and games for all ages.