Weddings at the Wallowa River Camp Resort

The Wallowa River Camp Resort's grounds are beautifully landscaped with mature trees, blooming flower beds, 1 acre of green grass and 4 acres of wild grass and butts right up to the Wallowa River.  Whether you choose to have your wedding in the freshly mowed grass or more rustic in the wild grass, this will be the perfect place to have your wedding.  

You'll have access to these amenities during your wedding festivities:

LODGE:  This large home offers 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 1 den, 1 bunkroom, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, private deck and lower patio area.  Accommations for 3 nights in the peak season and 2 nights in the mid/off season for up to 28 people is included in the all inclusive wedding package.   The home may be used for your family but we ask that you don't hold any of the festivities inside.   Please view our #35 for more details.  

BRIDAL COTTAGE:  The perfect place for you and your girls to get ready for the day.  Thise adorable cabin is located in the green grass area, has several large mirrors, and extra seating for the additional ladies of the Bride that like to be included in the big day.  

GRAIN SILO BAR: This lovely grain silo bar is located in the green grass area and is new in 2019.  This adorable bar has a rock floor, beautiful wood bar, and really is the most perfect place for hosting all of your beverages!

DANCE PAVILION:  The perfect place for your band or DJ to set up and for the first dance as husband and wife.  The pavilion has electricity, wood floor, a wood roof, and plenty of room for you and your Guests to dance!

PRIVIES:  The cutest little necessities this side of Oregon!  Located in the green grassy area, these 2 adorable privies are one of the most photographed spots of the Wallowa River Camp Resort. 

ARCH:  The wooden arch is set in the perfect location to have the Wallowa Mountains as your backdrop.  Drop.  Dead.  Gorgeous!

COMPLIMENTARY WEDDING CONSULTATION TOUR:  Visit the grounds with Cindy B., the curator of all the good at the Wallowa River Camp.  Spend your time designing your perfect day with someone that sees your vision.  The intial consultation is free, but if you're looking for a wedding coordinator, look no further in whom you hire.  Cindy B. is highly skilled in decorating, planning, and taking the stress away on your beautiful adventure.  

YARD GAMES:  A big highlight for the rehersal dinner!  The games include a sand pit volleyball area, 2 horse shoe pits, as well as yard games such as cornhole, Jenga, and ladder golf.  These are portable (except the volleyball and horse shoes) so you can enjoy these in the grassy area, the parking area, or down by the river.  

TABLES & CHAIRS:  Lifetime tables and chairs will be delivered in an enclosed trailer.  We can provide up to 25 oblong, 25 round, and 150 chairs.

PARKING:  Large acre of parking inside the entrance of the Wallowa River Camp Resort is perfect for your Guests.  Close proximity to the entrance of the green grassy area making it friendly for all ages.  

RV TRAILER:  Space for one trailer down past the parking area nestled in the trees (NO TENTS).

FINANCIAL AMENITIES:  Included in your package are an accidental damage insurance policy, transient lodging tax, cleaning fee for your whole stay.  

OFF/MID SEASON:  Large outdoor heaters are available for your use.

Also, an assortment of decorations are available for your use such as wine barrels, antique wash bin drink holder, vases, wood rounds, small tin pails, lace table runners, old ladders, old doors, etc.   (please call or email for an extensive list)

A few things that are NOT included in your package: linens, tents, photographer, music/sound systems/DJs etc, plates/cups/silverware for your wedding Guests, food/catering/beverages, or flowers.

We do our very best to keep our grounds and facilities in top notch shape, so we respectfully ask that you please do not bring your pets with you.   Also, we do not allow parking or driving on the lawn for any moment of time so please plan a full set up crew if you have a lot to unload.

Need some ideas?  Check our our styled shoot that we held during April 2020 with Shaley and may recognize her as West Desperado.  The shoot was nothing short of amazing and was even featured in Cowgirl Magazine and Western Wedding Magazine!   (Jada won't brag on herself, but she was the mastermind behind the shoot and it was magical to say the least!)  

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