Seek Adventure in Wallowa County

Adventures away from the Wallowa Lake resort area but still in the Wallowa County area.

Dun The Right Way Horses

Want to go on a horse trip while you are here, but had some place other than the Aneroid Trail Head in mind? Check with Vixen at Dun The Right Way Horses.

Eagle Cap Fishing Guides

Eagle Cap Fishing Guides fishes year round on rivers and streams in northeast Oregon. Their fishing activities focus on the Grande Ronde, Wallowa, Minam, Wenaha, Imnaha and tributaries.
Phone: 800.940.3688


Visit Wallowology and you`ll discover the science behind these stunning mountains, grasslands, forests, and rivers, and they will help you find new places to explore!
Phone: 541.398.8899

Winding Waters River Expeditions

Join them for the best Oregon or Idaho whitewater rafting trips on the Snake River through Hells Canyon, the Salmon River and the Grande Ronde River. With over 35 years of guiding experience on these rivers, the owners of Winding Waters have created an outstanding whitewater rafting adventure for you, your family, or group.

Wing Ridge Ski Tours

Excellent backcountry skiing opportunities abound and the Wallowa Mountains of Northeastern Oregon are reputed for deep, dry, powder snow. Backcountry skiers of any skill level may find an experience to suit their desire, from gentle touring to advanced telemarking.
Phone: 800-646-9050

Alpine Meadows Golf Course

9 hole course lies in a verdant valley between gentle hills of wild native grass, and a scattering of basalt and firs. Add that to a panoramic view of the Wallowa Mountains, this makes the Alpine Meadows setting ideal for the game.
Phone: 541.426.3246

Joseph Branch Railriders

Enjoy the novelty of pedaling down an inactive section of the Historic Joseph Branch Railway in Oregon’s beautiful Wallowa Valley at the base of the Wallowa Mountains. Bicyclists, nature enthusiast, and rail fans are sure to relish the peace and tranquility of the 12-mile round trip from Joseph to Enterprise or 26 mile round trip day adventure that starts in Minam Town travels a gentle 1% grade to Wallowa and back for the hearty folk. Snow-capped peaks form the backdrop as you pedal past green pastures and red barns, through cottonwood and pine trees, and beside bubbling streams. Cattle and horses look up from their grazing. A pair of osprey call to you from their nest. Mule and white-tail deer bound through the grass and hide in the shade. You will be lulled by the sights, smells and silence of the countryside, while invigorated by the fresh air. For tickets, go to 304 North Main Street in Joseph, Oregon; call 541.910.0089 or 541.910.0981; or contact them via email to [email protected]
Phone: 541.910.0981

Ferguson Ridge Ski Area

It started when a group of people who liked to ski would appoint a volunteer, called “The Captain,” to locate a good place to ski each Sunday. They would all gather at this chosen spot and ski all day, picnic and have a great time. In order to ski down you had to climb up. If a packed slope was wanted, everyone spent time packing it with their skis. A big step forward was made in 1939 when a permanent location was selected and a rope tow constructed. The spot was on Stanley Hill, about two miles south of Joseph and a little south of where the Buhler Ranch is now. The tow was a continuous rope motivated by a Model A Ford engine. In 1948 the tow was moved to a slope at the end of what is now Ski Run Road.

Wallowa Union Railroad - EC Excursion

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a train ride on the Eagle Cap Excursion Train. Journey back in time on a section of the picturesque and historic Joseph Branch rail line in Northeast Oregon. Discover untamed territory as the train follows the Grande Ronde River downstream through rugged cliffs and timbered ridges, then travels up the Wild & Scenic Wallowa River. Whether you are a rail fan, a nature and wildlife enthusiast, a history buff or a vacationer looking for a fun and relaxing way to enjoy the spectacular beauty of region, a ride on the Eagle Cap Excursion Train is sure to please!
Phone: 800.323.7330

Steen`s Wilderness Adventures

We will provide you with a quality hunting area. We situate our camps 3 - 5 miles apart to give you an isolated hunt; however, we cannot guarantee that a private hunting party will not camp nearby. We are the only outfitter permitted to pack into the areas you will be hunting. The majority of our hunts are Drop and Supplied Camps. Our groups are all packed in on the three days prior to the opening day of the season and packed out no later than the third day after the season ends. Since most of our seasons are at least 9 days long, we normally have all camps out by the day after the seasons closes. We try our best to accommodate your preferred date but sometimes it is necessary to pack certain groups together that are going in a common direction. We also honor first paid, first choice system when possible. We will provide you with a packer that is knowledgeable and capable of getting you and your gear packed in safely. Some of our camps do not have fresh running water and we will pack water to you in the water jugs that you provide. We will let you know if water jugs are needed at your campsite. Once the season opens, a packer will be checking on you periodically to see if you have game to pack or need additional water. The game will be packed and hung at either your campsite or our base camp. On earlier hunts with warmer weather, it may be necessary for the carcass to be taken to town to a meat locker. Your pack-out date will be previously arranged. If your group tags out early and wants to come out, we normally can make changes to meet your request.
Phone: (541) 432-6545

Del Sol Wilderness Adventures

Here at Del Sol we’ve made it our mission to bring our clients the safest, and most well trained stock in the business. All of our gear is custom made by local artisans to fit our clients and horses as well as possible. All of our stock are well bred mountain horses and mules. We select only the best animals that excel in the terrain we operate in. Our horses have smooth gaits, are in good physical condition, and every animal is trained by the Del Sol crew personally. If your looking for an amazing horseback adventure into the Oregon backcountry, this is the trip for you. Give us a call to set up a trip.

Ninebark Outfitters

Ninebark Outfitters provides customized recreational opportunities based from a private lodge on Joseph Ck. Hunt, fish, hike or mountain bike and view wildlife & wildflowers along the way.
Location: Joseph
Phone: (541) 426-4855

Minam Raft Rentals & Shuttle Service

We cover your rafting needs by providing vehicle shuttle services, offer guided fly fishing trips & fully guided whitewater trips. We rent top of the line rafting equipment with raft setup and pickup.
Location: Wallowa
Phone: (541) 437-1111

Hells Canyon Adventures

We provide jet boat trips and fishing charters at the south entrance to Hells canyon. Our lodge offers you clean, comfortable lodging in a remote setting at the south end of Hells Canyon.
Location: Oxbow
Phone: (541) 785-3352

Mountain Biking Wallowa County

Mountain Biking for Redmont and Wagon Road trail systems
Location: Wallowa County

Cycling Wallowa County

Road Cycling map for the Wallowa Moutain Loop and Wallowa Valley
Location: Wallowa County

Salt Creek Summit Sno-Park

The Salt Creek Summit Snowpark is located adjacent to the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway (Forest Road 39) at the top of Salt Creek Summit. Popular with snowmobilers, snowshoers and Nordic skiiers, the facility has a vault toilet, large parking area and a winter maintenance facility (operated by Wallowa County). As a multi-use site, the snowmobile trails and cross country ski trails are maintained in partnership with the local clubs, and the Sno-Park is plowed under an agreement with the Oregon Department of Transporation. A State Sno-Park permit is required to use this facility in the winter season.

Day Hiking Trips in Wallowa County

Short trips with family and friends for a day hike along a stream or to a mountain lake are an enjoyable experience. The day hikes opportunities listed below can assist you in planning your next trip to the Forest.
Location: Wallowa County

Bicycling in Wallowa County (Valley Loop)

Tender Foot- Walker 12.4-mile loop beginning in Joseph and stretching east and north. Mostly flat, with total elevation gain/loss of 250 feet. Old barns and farmhouses dot the landscape between open fields. Farm animals and birds of prey are frequently seen. Light traffic, sometimes including farming machinery. No shoulders. Great views of the Wallowa Mountains.
Location: Joseph

Bicycling in Wallowa County (Valley Loop)

Hurricane-Dobbin 19-mile loop can begin in either Joseph or Enterprise. A perfect ride for seeing much of the upper Wallowa Valley. Travel through forest, farm and ranchland, and the towns of Joseph and Enterprise. Elevation gain and loss, 500 feet. Ranch animals, deer, hawks, and the occasional bald eagle. Traffic is light except on the Imnaha Hwy and Hurricane Creek Road, which can have moderate traffic. No shoulder on Hurricane Creek Road.
Location: Joseph

Bicycling in Wallowa County (Valley Loop)

Rancho Loop 14.5-mile route begins in Enterprise and avoids biking on main highways. Cyclists depart and return along the same stretch with a loop in the middle of the ride. Total elevation gain / lossis 275 feet. Ranch land, mountain views and open sky. Traffic is light, with a slight increase on Crow Creek Rd. Watch for hawks, eagles, swallows, red-winged blackbirds, marmots and white-tailed deer.
Location: Enterprise

Bicycling in Wallowa County (Valley Loop)

Near Town Excellent for beginners and families. This 6.5-mile loop begins and ends in Enterprise. Nearly flat: 150 feet of elevation gain/loss. Loop can be shortened by coming back on Hurricane Creek Road and riding only the east or west sections. Light traffic except on Hurricane Creek Road, where traffic is moderate. Sheep, goats, cows, horses, hawks, and Great Blue herons are often seen.
Location: Enterprise

Bicycling in Wallowa County (Valley Loop)

Spurs OK Gulch Spur: An excellent 9-mile add-on to the Rancho Loop ride. This spur begins at the NE corner of Rancho Loop and continues to pavement`s end on the Zumwalt Prairie. The first half is fairly flat and transitions from Valley pasture land to bunchgrass prairie. The last 2.5 miles include a steep climb, over 600 feet, that winds through narrow OK Gulch. Outstanding views of theWallowa Mountains and Valley. Traffic is typically light, but be cautious during your descent of OK Gulch. Alder Slope Spur: This 8.5-mile return spur begins in downtown Enterprise and ascends to the base of the Wallowa Mountains. Steep at times. The route follows mostly pastureland. The turnaround occurs near the transition of pastureland and forest (4.25 miles). Total elevation gain is 500 feet. One of the best views of Idaho`s Seven Devils Mountains. Traffic is light. Ant Flat Spur: This short, steep spur is a good add-on to flatter Valley routes, or as a stand-alone for a brief but vigorous ride (6-mile return). Terrain is pastureland; several hawk species, ground squirrels, and bison can often be seen. The route gains over 400 feet before the pavement ends. Turn around here, and enjoy a commanding view of the Wallowa Mountains. Light traffic, moderate on weekends.
Location: Wallowa County